How Portion Control Can Help Redefine Your Body

Have you ever felt at a loss for how to lose weight? There are hundreds of different diet plans, all claiming to do the same thing and as quickly as possible.  The decision of whether to go low carbohydrate or sugar-free, low fat or to follow a raw food only diet – the possibilities are endless. For every diet saying “do” something, there’s another diet saying don’t! It can get overwhelming and be a scary and tedious task of trying to lose weight in the best way possible and the healthiest way.


What about forgetting about the calorie counting or the “points” or the various trendy fad diet. Let’s think back before all the processed food, back when our grandparents used to harvest and eat from the land.  They’d indulge on occasion with homemade biscuits or cakes, but they knew how to watch their portions. Maybe because food wasn’t as readily and cheaply available as it is now.  But they were and continue to be slim, eating whole, clean and unprocessed foods.  If you watch your weight and monitor your calories using the portion control 21 day fix containers, you could find yourself a permanent solution for weight loss.  And this is a solution that anyone can follow – all you need to do is eat less of you favorite foods while still enjoying hem on a daily basis.

How exactly do you manage your weight by using containers in this popular nutrition plan?  Well, the formula is simple even though it will take some getting used to. Each color represents a different food group and you will select different fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, fats, cheeses or proteins from the approved food list.  Depending on your current weight, height and target goal, you’ll eat a specific number of each container each day.  That doesn’t mean you should eat your meals out of plastic containers! Rather, you can combine these to make a hearty salad or a rice and chicken dish.  The possibilities are numerous and the diet is made easy and fun to follow providing you are strict with yourself and don’t over do it.

Remember to enjoy as much herbal tea throughout the day if you get hungry and also enjoy plenty of water or fruit infused water drinks to keep you hydrated and cool.  This will also provide you with plenty of energy to get through your workouts if you have the desire to get stronger and build muscle.  Watching your portions will not only help you lose weight, but it will make you feel less fatigued and lethargic. Extra weight can lead to depression and a feeling of permanent exhaustion. Allow yourself to feel lighter both physically and spiritually by eating well, from the land as God intended.